Dust Collector Cartridge Recycling

The Hepner Solution

A Hepner cleaned filter is less than half the price of a new filter. Our cleaned filters provide optimum filtration protection; increases equipment life and reduces costs. A Hepner cleaned filter recycles a dirty air filter destined for the landfill… The #1 choice is HEPNER FILTER RECYCLING SERVICE.

Hepner Collector Cartridge Recycling Service

Saving your company money, while providing the alternative for your disposal needs.

Filter History …

In the not so distant past, air filter users, in the never ending struggle to save money, looked for ways to recycle their air filters. For years, air filter users have put up with wet washed filters for the simple reason, there was nothing else available UNTIL NOW … HEPNER FILTER RECYCLING SERVICE.

It’s Time to Breathe Easy!!!!!

This is a dramatic breakthrough in air filtration maintenance that is revolutionizing the air filter industry. This unique patented system restores most cylinder paper air filters back to 99.6% efficiency. The process uses computerized controlled air, vacuum, vibration and rotation cycles to safely restore the air filter to its maximum operating efficiency. No chemicals or water are ever used.

Save Money and Fuel.

A dirty air filter restricts airflow, causing a loss of power which consumes more energy.
Air-starved equipment uses more energy, and demands additional maintenance. This shortens equipment life. A Hepner cleaned air filter saves energy and money … THIS MEANS BIG DOLLAR SAVINGS.

Who Needs Hepner Filter Recycling Service?

  • Dust Collectors
  • Co-generation plants
  • Mining Companies
  • Paint Booths
  • Agriculture
  • Heavy equipment
  • Power Plant
  • Trucking Companies
  • Rapid Transit Authorities


Many manufacturing industries that require air quality control use dust collection systems to minimize airborne particulates. These are also easily cleaned by Hepner Recycling. Examples include: Paint Booths, Auto Manufacturing, Shot/Sandblasting Facilities, Bakeries, Electronic Manufacturing, Woodworking and General Ventilation.



Not all air filters come from internal combustion engines. The newest source of air filters is Co-Generation plants. The need for highly filtered air is great. These filters cannot be wet washed due to the airflow restriction and efficiency loss. With this in mind, it only leaves two options for air filter replacement:

  1. Change out all the dirty air filters for new air filters and pay the surcharge for disposal at a landfill, or…
  2. Have the air filters cleaned the HEPNER WAY!

Since wet washing the filters is out of the question that only leaves one choice: The Hepner Recycling method, with a fast turn around and 99.6% efficiency, the choice is easy: “Recycle the Hepner Way!”



Mining companies use hundreds of air filters per month due to the extremely dusty environment in which they work. The huge haulers, scoops, and numerous support vehicles all require air filters. Until Hepner, most mines would blow their air filters out by hand in an attempt to reuse and extend the life of these filters. Recycling air filters the Hepner Recycling way provides an air filter that is better than new, along with reducing new air filter costs.

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